Not every company needs to employ an agency full-time to manage paid search. Yup, I said it and I work for an agency. Shhhh…no one tell! The truth is that sometimes keeping either a single individual or a small in-house team for PPC management fits certain corporate level business models much better than hiring an entire agency.

But what happens when Google releases a new feature, Bing upgrades a targeting capability or the company in question opens up their market to a new product-line? (Remember when Bing changed phrase and broad match keyword behavior back in August of 2011 and many accounts saw an influx of traffic for less-than-relevant queries? Hot mess, that was.) That individual and/or small team gets a few extra to-do’s added to their consistent and typical list, which inevitably means a couple things may fall off to the next week, or even month.

This is where we make our unique offer! Sure, the bulk of your company’s paid search management can be maintained by your trusted in-house team, but here’s your chance to let them keep up that hard work and offset the last minute or extraneous tasks to us! Enlist our team of rock stars to check that list off a little quicker while your team sustains the rest!

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Paid Search Assistance Retainer: For a flat monthly fee, you receive 45 hours from Hanapin to divvy up as you wish! Keyword research, ad copy writing, ad group restructuring for quality score…you name it! The hours are yours; we’re here to help.

Shake n Bake Kitty Helped

If our offer seems like exactly what your team needs, or if you have more questions, get in touch with myself ( x111) or Director of Sales, Tom Hootman ( /812-330-3134 x120) and let us know how we can help your team get a little breathing room!