It looks like Google AdWords is up to their usual testing tricks, yet again! This time, users are reporting a change in ad extensions showing in the UK’s Google search engine. This change seems to add a line of text for ads with a staffing agenda (see the following screenshot).

job ad extension screenshot

This additional line of text appears to be showing the number of job placements available on the landing page that ad leads to, as well as the company web address or name. As I said before, this is being tested on the UK version of Google and with that, I had no luck getting similar results to show in the US version. Yet another note of interest: users have reported that ads with specific references to the number of jobs available in their first two lines of text are not being served with this extra extension.

So what does this mean for PPC account holders? Well unless you’re in the staffing or recruitment industries, probably not much. However, for those who are in that field, change could be coming! With this additional line being added as an extension, it’s possible that those writing the ads should consider taking out their specific job numbers from ad text to let Google do it. Why not buy yourself back some characters in your ad copy to tout some other qualification for the user? And does this tell us as marketers which ads tend to perform the best (those with specific number call-outs)?

What do you think? In the recruitment field or not, do you see yourself changing up your plans when it comes to ad writing to accommodate more specific number call-outs, etc.? What else do you see as possible advantages or drawbacks to the new ad extension? Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments section!

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