If your client has a call center that can deal with the lead volume your PPC campaign creates, it’s probably no surprise to you that you should be taking advantage of that with Call Extensions. If you’re not, here’s an even better reason to start: you can now make specific call bids.

Stop waiting on phone calls, and start advertising that phone number!

If you’re using the Google forwarding number with your Call Extensions, you’re all set up for this new feature once you set Max CPP bids, which will allow you to bid for phone calls. This also means that you’ll have a phone call quality score, which will factor into your Ad Rank.

To really take advantage of this new feature, you’ll want to start using all the new ways to measure its performance. Here’s the breakdown Google gave for what is available:

  • PTR (Phone-through-rate)
  • Phone Call Cost at ad group & campaign levels
  • Call time for each call
  • Caller area code for each call
  • Ad group that drove each call in the Dimensions tab

This new feature is only available in the US and UK for now, and Max CPP bids can only be set at the ad group level, and those ad groups have to meet a minimum number of clicks that Google hasn’t released the details of.

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