These guys can barely contain their excitement about this news

You heard me correctly, folks. Or, would it be read me correctly? Either way, there’s going to be a premium version of Analytics! Woo-hoo! This is going to be for those big accounts that just keep stretching their current Analytics like sweat pants after Thanksgiving dinner. It’s going to have more processing power, advanced analysis, service and support, and guarantees. Let’s look at what Google is saying it’s going to include:

  • Increased data collection
  • More custom variables
  • Downloadable, unsampled reports
  • Attribution modeling tools so you can test different models for assigning credit to conversions
  • Experts to guide customized installation
  • Dedicated account management on call
  • 24/7 support
  • Service level agreements for data collection, processing, and reporting

Wondering what a big account is, exactly? Well, the companies they used for the beta were Gucci, TransUnion, eHarmony, and Travelocity. So, yeah, big’ens. They didn’t go into more detail about the account size requirements going into the future, or even if there will be any—just that it’s going to cost you a fixed annual fee.

Also, it’s only going to be available, for now, in the US, Canada, and UK. Sorry giant companies everywhere else. Womp womp.

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