The AdWords Editor is a tool that all Paid Search advertisers are familiar with. The editor allows users to:

  • Work on an account offline
  • Easily make bulk changes in an account
  • Export and import files in order to make account changes
  • Copy or move items from ad group to ad group (or campaign to campaign)
  • And much more

The Editor is probably the most utilized tool available to Google advertisers. The latest version of the tool has come out, and there have been some key changes made to the editor. These changes include:

  • Shopping Campaign Management is now available in the Editor. Users cannot create new Shopping Campaigns or Ad Groups through the editor, but they can now view and update the settings for these campaigns.
  • Product Group Management. Within the Shopping Campaigns, users can now edit/make changes to product groups. The product groups are available under targeting for shopping campaigns. Again, Version 10.5 does not give the user capabilities to add, delete, or pause product groups in the editor, but you can make bulk changes to the groups.
  • Deleted Ads are No Longer Downloaded into the Editor. This will help keep the editor clean.
  • Conservative vs Aggressive Targeting Options for the Display Network is now available in AdWords Editor. The targeting optimization settings for the Display network are now available to manage in the Editor.
  • In-Market Audiences are now available in the Audiences section of the Editor. This feature allows advertisers to reach people interested in similar products or services that they are offering. This has been available to advertisers, but now can be implemented through the Editor.

Quick Summary:

The new updates in AdWords Editor should make life easier for advertisers who utilize shopping campaigns. It also will help implementing targeting methods, and it will be a bit more organized with the deleted ads kept out of the Editor.

(featured image by Nic McPhee/Flickr)