I know most of you may not fall into this category, but if you happen to teach at the college level–you should definitely check out Google’s Online Marketing Challenge, the registration for which just opened. It’s open to professors of any higher learning institution.

The Professor is so excited, because he just signed up for the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

This challenge takes place over the course of three weeks, over which teams (made up of professors and her/his students) must develop and run PPC campaigns through AdWords for real businesses or nonprofits. After the three weeks are up, each team writes a summary of their experiences and provides campaign reports. The panel of judges, made up of Google employees and independent academics, will choose their favorites based on the performance of the campaigns over the three weeks and the quality of the reports.

The winners of the competition get an all-expenses-paid trip to the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Then, there are regional winners, and they get trips to their local Google offices. Last year Google had 50,000 participants.

This is a fantastic chance to teach your marketing students PPC skills (PPC Hero is a great resource!) or a great chance to let your students that have already learned PPC skills to let them shine!

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