Google just released AdWords Editor Version 9.5, and it comes with a couple of cool updates to keep in mind that make the new download worth the effort. Let’s review:

It’s time to update your AdWords Editor, people!

  • Campaign Experiments

Now you can change your experiment statuses at the ad group, keyword, and ad levels, change your Default Max. CPC or CPM and Display Network Max. CPC or CPM bids at the ad group level, change a Max CPC bid at the keyword level, and import and export experiment and bid changes in .CVS and .XML.

  • Locations Extensions

This version will let you create new location extensions manually for any address as well as modify existing ones, as it supports both new and existing location extensions. You can also download these in .CVS or .XML now.

  • Background Download

I think this is the coolest new feature, personally. If you’re working on a couple of big accounts, you can just download them in the background while you work on another account. Talk about timesaver!

Google also changed a couple of things to make it a better experience for the user. These changes include improving the revert functionality and streamlining the “Add Multiple Items” workflow.

So, basically this is a nice little update that’s going to save you some time and make your life a little easier.  I recommend downloading it ASAP, and Google recommends choosing the “Backup then Upgrade” option when you’re prompted to download.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more news updates from PPC Hero!