Today I got an email from our Google reps that they are recruiting for a new program called: Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant Program.  In this new program you would provide setup, support and consultation for other using Website Optimizer.  I asked my Google rep for a clearer definition of what the program is and this is what she had to say:

The overall goal of website optimizer is to test landing pages to understand which variations result in desired behavior from users. The WOAC program is for companies who would like to offer their services to help companies run Website Optimizer tests.

The bonuses of becoming a WOAC are:

1.       You get a Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant logo and designation. You can use the logo on your website and on collateral that you create about your company.

2.       Elevated technical support. You’d have access to a private Google Group, ‘insiders information, and advanced training that happens every November.

3.       Co-marketing opportunities

4.       A listing on the Website Optimizer Partner page. On occasion (apparently this is rare) Google might invite you to conferences with the Google Team.

Some of the partner services include experiment design, set up and implementation. Report analysis, phone and internet chat support and personalized training.

The partner page is a place where Google can direct users who want to get help beyond the free information there is available. Google gives limited support for Website Optimizer, but if a user wants more than that, Google will point them to the partner’s page.

I think this is an interesting attempt to understand user behavior in landing pages. I do think it’s great however for companies to help other companies with the WO.  Especially if they’re in the same industry (which is the goal I believe).  My Google rep also mentioned that for a company to sign up, you should already have run some website optimizer tests. For the best possible shot at acceptance to the program, you should have successfully run some of the more complicated tests, such as multivariate tests.