Google's Ad Preview Page is Your Friend

Inside AdWords recently posted a helpful list of reasons why your ads may not be showing up on Google. All of the tips they give are quite good. I wrote on this topic previously and discussed how Google protects you from impression fraud (whether you realize it or not). However, there is one bit of information presented in Inside AdWords’ post that is very helpful (for me, at least): Google’s Ad Preview Page.

To be honest, I have not used the Ad Preview Page, so this is a new discovery! Now, you can preview your ads, and your competitor’s ads, without generating unnecessary impressions. What exactly does this mean for you? This means you can check your ads to your heart’s content without negatively affecting your click-through rate, and damaging your quality score.

Remember, guard your quality score with your life! And the Ad Preview Page is another weapon in your arsenal for doing so.

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