PPC Hero's Greatest Hits of First Quarter 2012!

By Sarah Ruggles | @Hanapin

The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from January, February, and March. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips. Enjoy!

Our very own Jeff Allen doled out the advice with his 145 PPC Must-Do’s for 2012 article. He points out high level areas that you may be overlooking and areas to grow in during 2012. Jeff suggests testing many of your PPC techniques in order to better every section of your ads and keywords. Not only does Jeff make some pretty excellent tips for PPC Management, he also offers up resources to better yourself as a PPCer! And who couldn’t use a little advice from a pro?

PPC Ad Sitelinks
Who knew Trademarks could make all the difference in an ad?

Kunle Campbell, a PPC Hero Ally, and the Director and Digital Marketing Specialist at Fuzz One Media, wrote an incredible post about 10 Changes to make to Your AdWords Search Campaign that will Boost Your CTR. Boosting your Click Through Rate is always a positive and Kunle really showcases some simple ways to update your campaigns that will boost your CTR significantly. He provides easy and straight forward ideas and directions to take your Search Campaign to the next level!

Another PPC Hero Ally, Wijnand Meijer rounds out our 1st Quarter Greatest Hits of 2012 with his AdWords Editor Shortcuts: Cheat Sheet article. As a Paid Search Strategist at Netsociety, Wijnand has regularly used the AdWords Editor to maintain his campaigns. This is not AdWords Editor for beginners, this article is for the intermediate user. Wijnand really makes the more complicated quick reference for Windows or Mac from Google easier to understand and work with. He even provides a download for his Cheat Sheet, so be sure to check out the article that started it all!

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