It’s more than just a hashtag, hanalife is really a thing! Just ask anyone who works here. Sure, we like to make up words and put “hana” in front of everything we say (#hanaeverything), but beyond creating our own vocabulary, we have a culture that embodies this same enthusiasm. And lucky for you, we’re growing! We’re hiring both for our Paid Search Team and for non-paid search positions.

Who We Are

Hanapin Marketing is full of some of the brightest minds in PPC. We are setting industry standards through our PPC Hero blog posts and speaking worldwide using our PPC expertise. We are constantly innovating existing standards to guarantee that our clients reach their goals and move the industry forward.


We participate in training, a lot. In fact, our training hours easily place us in the top 1% of companies in the world. Each month, our Paid Search Team dedicates an entire day to updating our existing PPC knowledge through employee-led training sessions. We offer 100+ training hours every year you are with the Hanapin team. Initially, for those with no PPC experience, we provide a 10-week training session to teach you the ins and outs of PPC so you can become a world class paid search account manager. Within the first 6 months, all of our Paid Search Team is certified in AdWords Fundamentals, AdWords Advanced Search, Google Display, Google Reporting and Analysis, Google Analytics, and BingAds.

Rest assured, if you’re a Hanapin Marketing client, you’re in good hands.


We have values that we live each and every day:

  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness

These values are not just something we put on our website. They are something we live day in and day out.

The Fun Stuff

Though we work really hard every day, we also know how to have fun. We have Ping-Pong tournaments during lunch. We always have snacks and coffee ready in the kitchens to keep us fueled throughout the day. We also listen to a wide variety of music on our office Sonos system, from Disney to hip-hop and everything in between. We pass around a ton of memes and .gifs. All of this and more contributes to our vibrant #hanalives.

Are you interested in #hanalife? We’re looking for rock stars with PPC experience and those without! Learn more about our open positions and apply here.

Do you want even more information about #hanalife? Feel free to contact our HR Coordinator directly at: