Happy Thanksgiving from PPC Hero! We love the holidays! And as you know, we love numbers! We’re always analyzing our PPC performance, breaking down our stats. So, we thought we’d give some interesting numbers about Thanksgiving:

$3.6 billion: The value of turkeys shipped in 2002.
1.6 billion pounds: The total weight of sweet potatoes produced by major sweet potato producing states in 2006.
690 million pounds: The total weight of U.S. cranberry production in 2007.
272 million: Estimate of turkeys raised in the United States in 2007.
13.1 pounds: The quantity of turkeys consumed by the typical American in 2005.
3: Number of places in the United States named after the holiday’s traditional main course. Turkey, Texas, was the most populous in 2006, with 489 residents; followed by Turkey Creek, La. (363); and Turkey, N.C. (270). There also are nine townships around the country named Turkey, three in Kansas.

And we are all suited up for the holiday! PPC Hero already has his turkey leg and musket. SEO Boy thought he’d be daring by dressing up as a turkey! He’s a brave one! And Ms. Clicks is rocking a Native American look for the occasion! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday!