Writing ad copy isn’t the most thrilling thing to do.  While almost any ad copy you write will be ok and do ok, that’s not what you want to settle for. Great ad copy will not only help you stand out amongst your competitors, but will get you the performance you’re looking for out of your paid search campaigns.

In this new, short video on Hero Academy, the Senior Manager of Global Engagement and popular industry speaker, Purna Virji, will lay out a 3 step process that will help you come up with copy that will better resonate with your audiences and thus, be more effective for your campaigns.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Hero Academy is Hanapin’s newest initiative featuring short and basic how-tos on paid advertising in a variety of platforms. The topics range from the basics of Google & Facebook ads to creating a pivot table in Excel to learning how to setup an ad campaign in Amazon DSP.

Hero Academy is FREE to all marketers. Once you sign-up, you’ll have access to all videos currently in the Academy and all the new ones added thereafter.