The Hilton Austin: Official Hotel of Hero Conf 2014

The headline is easy: Registration for the world’s largest all-PPC conference is now open. For those in the know, that means your chance to reserve a spot at the PPC event of the year begins today (at a steep discount!).

Here are the vitals:

If you’ve been before, you know why you want to go back. If you haven’t, keep reading…

What is Hero Conf?

For the uninitiated, the PPC Hero team here at Hanapin Marketing produces an annual digital advertising conference that focuses exclusively on PPC, and it is awesome. We call it Hero Conf, and it brings the biggest names and brightest minds together in the same room to learn,  network, and generally geek out about all things PPC.

Names like Bryan Eisenberg, John Gagnon from Bing, Paul Feng from Google and Matt Umbro of #PPCChat fame are past and future speakers (and all of our speakers are attendees, eager to meet and greet PPC pros like you).

Here’s what you don’t want to miss this year:

We won’t lie to you: The numbers above are only going to grow as the conference gets closer. We’ll be adding new speakers, new sessions and new events and entertainment to the schedule right up to the week of the event (trust us — we always do), so keep your eyes on this space and sign up to stay updated about new information as it becomes available.

The one thing that won’t be growing is the number of seats that are available. Hero Conf has doubled in size every year thus far and we’re not seeing many signs of it slowing down, so once we reach capacity, that will be it!

What we’re really saying is…

Register Today to Join Us in Austin in 2014!

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