Change City: Austin London

Justify Your Trip

Looking for the details to help you understand exactly what you’ll get at Hero Conf London? You’re in the right place.


All the speakers had so much knowledge and experience to share. I learned so much! I think the content, speakers and overall vibe was amazing. I will 100% come back and am going to advocate for my team to join me.

– Meg Kristofak, Digital Marketing Specialist at Live Oak Bank


How Hero Conf is Different:

  • 100% PPC relevant topics
  • Sponsors are limited, relevant, and we do not sell them your contact info
  • Rigorous, six-step speaker selection process ensures quality speakers
  • External steering committee eliminates gaps in the agenda
  • Low speaker to attendee ratio makes it easier to connect with the experts
  • 4 concurrent tracks means you can always find a hyper-relevant session
  • Exceptional meals & snack breaks keep you energized
  • Commitment to actionable content means you leave with concrete next steps
  • Unique networking opportunities so you can connect with peers
  • Hosted by an award winning digital marketing agency

Who Attends:

Attendees are folks who spend their days in the PPC weeds. More than 60% are Account Managers, Account Analysts, SEM Specialists or similar titles. They’re looking for specific, actionable information to implement right away (we promise the internet bandwidth can handle all 6 of your devices). The remainder of our attendees are Marketing Manager, Director, C-Level or Founder titles, looking to find the strategy to drive their business forward.


What To Expect:

40 industry speakers, 40 total sessions – including 4 world-class keynotes, 10 unique London networking opportunities, 4 tracks of content covering every type of paid search and social.  All told, more than 30 hours of the newest, most relevant PPC content, with another nearly 15 hours of networking on top. Be ready for all-PPC, all the time.


Why Go:

Because this industry is changing. Every single day. Come for the most up-to-date information and important product and service announcements from the biggest brands in the industry.


Convince Your Boss:

Need to convince your boss that Hero Conf London is the event for you? Here’s a letter you can use to make your case!

Dear [Insert Manager’s name],


I would like to attend Hero Conf London, a digital marketing conference held on March 14 & 15 2022, in London. What makes it unique compared to other events is it’s devoted fully to paid advertising. I’ve reviewed the schedule and expect all the sessions to be applicable to my role.


The conference aligns directly with the priorities of our department: [insert your priorities here]. Beyond that, the conference will give me a chance to learn the newest insider PPC knowledge. I’ll also be able to build new and exciting business relationships. There are several specific benefits of attending this event:


  • Hosted in London. An accessible location that will allow us to be efficient with our conference budget.
  • Exclusive PPC marketing content. There will be no “clutter” with irrelevant material.
  • Low attendee-to-speaker ratio. With 40 speakers, I will have unique opportunities to interact with digital marketing experts and ask questions related to our specific conversion issues.
  • Accelerated professional skills and opportunities. I will have the opportunity to network with digital marketing professionals and vendors to learn what works in other industries.
  • Focused agenda. A schedule filled with entirely PPC content- both technical and creative- will absolutely get our money’s worth.
  • A “best of both worlds” perspective. After meeting with speakers who have both big picture and “in the trenches” experience, I will get a broad understanding of industry best practice as well as issues we will face day-to-day.


The personalized coaching is also a unique opportunity. We have the option to deep-dive into Excel, and I can gain insights into best practices and learn how to adjust and optimize moving forward.


I appreciate your attention to my request. I’m confident in the significant return we will receive for this relatively small investment in career development.   Thank you again for your consideration of this request.



Need more information? We’re here to help. Catch us on chat or send an email to with any questions you have.