Change City: Austin London


Heroes need workshopping, too.

PPC Heroes rarely have the time to think deeply about our responsibilities, our problems, and the future of our careers or organizations. You may think a one day conference is the quick-fix to your troubles, but it’s easy to pull up email, check-in on accounts, and appease clients while making the effort to learn. We want you to immerse yourself completely in our training, which is why our our core program is 2-days.

And while our 2-days are filled with insanely actionable insights, sometimes challenges need attention longer than a session break can offer. Enter – Hero Conf Workshops.

We offer 2 different half-day workshops, each hosted from 9am -12:00pm Feb 2nd and aimed at digging deeper into one of the many hats you wear daily. Come early for the breakfast hour 8am – 9 am.

Paid Social Workshop »

As a digital marketer, harnessing the power of paid social campaigns – and measuring the results – is critical. You’re likely pressed by questions like, “What am I going to get from this?” or, “How much more revenue (or conversion volume) is this initiative going to provide?” The list goes on.

Hero Conf’s Paid Social Workshop is aimed to help you answer questions like this and provide you with the tools to get there.

Analytics & Data Workshop »

Data analytics is crucial to having a successful paid advertising strategy. If you’re not fully quantifying your efforts, how do you know what’s working and what’s not? Creating and viewing highly-segmented data in a way that makes sense for your company will lead to actionable insights that improve your PPC and business profitability.

Attend our Google Analytics workshop at Hero Conf Austin to expand your knowledge and become more confident at analyzing your PPC efforts.

Hero Conf is built on exceptional, actionable content. Your list of ideas and actions items will be pages long by the end of your conference days. The biggest complaint we get is there’s so much to implement, you’re not sure where to start. Workshops can help solve this problem. Choose which workshop is right for you and let’s solve your most pressing paid media problems together.