Professional development is a tricky endeavor. It’s about balancing cost and quality, ensuring training is continuous and relevant, and measuring the return on investment. It’s not always precise and takes some experimentation to get just right. Which brings us to one of the most common questions we on the events team face – How does Hero Conf fit into my larger professional training plan?

There are tons of ways to answer that question, but we’ll share with you the value we think Hero Conf, and events generally, provide.

Relevant, Actionable Case Studies

It’s not often you get the opportunity to test without consequence. You’re typically restricted by standard and expected metrics that mean change is incremental and results minimal. But what if you had the opportunity to make changes that had exponential impact. Real results that could speak to the success of your training.

Hero Conf, and events more broadly, allow just that. More than 50 experts, who’ve been through the experimentation themselves, deliver the most up-to-date case studies for you to implement immediately. These are everyday practitioners, explaining step-by-step how they got the exact results you’re looking for.

Need more? Use those examples to ask questions specific to your campaigns. And get the answers in real-time. As a boss, or an employee, there is nothing better than having the data to back the ideas you believe could make the biggest impact. Plus, we provide the session slides for review post-event, so you can catch the specifics of any session you attend.

Diverse, Engaging New Methods and Techniques

As marketers, and humans generally, we often follow a simple pattern. Have a problem, search for the solution, implement a change. At Hero Conf, we’ve got a schedule tailored to the PPC marketer, that allows you to learn in just that way – with specific sessions designed for the problems you face. But how exciting is it to stumble upon unique and powerful new ways of thinking, that drive growth you’d never even considered.

In a live setting, with broad and strategic general sessions, you aren’t confined to any one problem. You aren’t searching for a single solution. You’re simply part of the larger experience, absorbing what we think is some of the most exciting ideas available today.

It won’t all be applicable. It won’t all be actionable in your accounts. But if any one nugget of info makes you step back and re-evaluate the way you’re doing your job, we have accomplished one of our biggest goals: to provide transformative experiences for each and every participant.

Dynamic Networking and Relationship Building

And now to the top reason you just can’t beat a live event experience. It’s the people. The quirky, nerdy, geeky digital advertising professionals that love this crazy marketing world just as much as you do. They’re dedicated and original, but most of all, they’re looking for people just like you to bounce around ideas with and learn alongside.

Whether you work on a huge team at the largest digital agency, or as an individual contributor- the sole PPC soul at a brand big or small- outside perspective is a valuable part of what makes us better marketers. A sounding board for new ideas when you get back to the office or an ally on a new project. Sometimes that external set of eyes can be the most effective tool in your toolbox.

And we’re happy to provide dynamic opportunities to meet and get to know your industry peers. Whether you prefer a quiet informal event or your happy place resides in the loud and boisterous after-hours experiences, we’re creating a breadth of chances to connect, relate, and build your best PPC network. It’s an opportunity you simply shouldn’t waste.

So, blogs and webinars and whitepapers will always be a valuable way to keep up with the industry. These quick chunks of info provide needed answers to your everyday questions. But, it’s important to remember the piece that truly brings it all together. Live events, like Hero Conf, are your yearly trigger to try new things, the rejuvenating experience that gets you back to the top of your game, and the one-of-a-kind driver of the greatest personal and professional change. Don’t miss the opportunity to add Hero Conf to your training mix.

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