How Does AdWords Work? An Overview Of Google’s PPC Advertising Platform

When a user performs a search for a product or service, Google scans millions of websites to provide relevant, organic search results. With Google AdWords, an online advertising platform, a business can get great visibility even if their listing is not found within the organic search results.

An AdWords account is comprised of Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords. All sections are tightly themed around and relevant to your offered products or services. With AdWords, you can:

  • Set and control your PPC advertising budget (you only pay when someone clicks on your ad)
  • Create ads that will show when your keywords enter the auction
  • Control when, where, and to whom your ads show
  • View reports at the keyword, ad group, campaign, or account level in order to analyze and optimize performance
  • Display Google ads on a wide network of sites across the web

So How Does AdWords Work?

Let’s say you own a flower shop in Boston, Rosie’s Flowers and Gifts, and have set up an account with Google AdWords. Someone living in Boston searches for a florist by typing “local florists” into the Google search page. Because you have bid on the keyword “local florist”, you are entered into the auction to appear above or alongside the organic listings that will populate the search results page. The person looking to buy flowers sees your ad, clicks the ad, and now you have a potential customer on your site.

Image of PPC listings

With millions of searches happening on Google every day, using AdWords as a PPC advertising platform can give an advertiser a competitive edge.

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