Let me start this off by saying that I don’t have a background in design. I took a handful of journalism and art classes, but that’s it. That’s not what I’m talking about when I mean “great”, however. I’m talking about making effective image ads for remarketing. Ones that will gain attention from your remarketing audience and therefore, clicks.

Step 1.

Look at the site you’re remarketing for. Find the design elements that repeat throughout the site. I’m going to use this site for my examples. As I click through PPC Hero, I can see these elements repeat throughout:


Our bright, fun colors and design, our logo, and red tabs with while, lowercase letters. I’m going to use these elements for the remarketing image ad. The reason this is so important is brand recognition. It’s not just your actual logo and brand’s logo that have brand recognition. People will recognize the feel of your website. If you hide your logo in an ad that doesn’t match the look or feel of your site, people may not even notice it while they’re browsing the web.

Step 2.

Create an ad in every size that incorporates these elements and includes a button with a call to action on it. If you have any great features or benefits that work well in text ads, you should at least test them out in your remarketing ads. If you have a famous tagline that relates to your brand, that’s also a great bit of text to use for remarketing since it’s all about brand recognition! Now, be kind. Remember, I don’t have design experience!

But, this quick little image proves the point I’m making: you want your ad to have the same feel and design elements from your site!

Step 3.

Post it live and continue to test different images! I know, not exactly a third step, but you get the picture. You’ve done all the leg work, and hopefully either got a designer to make it all look pretty or had them do it with your notes in the first place. So now just wait for that data to accrue!