Have you attempted to expand your PPC advertising by crossing over to the Display Network, but ended up spending a lot of money without generating conversions? If so, then this month’s PPC Hero series on How To Succeed On The Display Network is for you.

I’ve heard the Display Network referred to in many different ways, from the dark side to the black hole of PPC, but Ithink it’s best described as the yin to the Search Network’s yang.  If managed effectively, the Display Network can allow you to reach a wider audience than you thought possible. This is why we are focusing our efforts this week on taking a deeper look at Display to give you the knowledge to create successful PPC Display campaigns.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come this week:

Monday: Google vs. Bing “Content” Network: Similarities and Differences

Tuesday: Display Network Management Best Practices

Wednesday: Newest Developments for the Google Display Network

Thursday: Developing A Display Network Strategy.

Friday: Series Wrap-Up