In the age of social media, internet users are shifting their attention to messengers. Other means of communication, like emails and phone conversations, have become less popular. This provides a new horizon for sponsored ads targeting customers directly.

In response to the popularity of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, businesses now contact users directly through messages. This marketing technique is useful because it employs a direct and personalized approach to customers.

But for your marketing campaign on Facebook Messenger to succeed, you first need an experienced content or essay writer to craft a compelling message and save your time. 

In this article, we’ll go through several ways to grow your network using Facebook Messenger Ads.

Why Use Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook is one of the most famous social networks around, with a monthly user pool of over 1.3 billion. This number tops the charts amongst leading social networks in the world. As a result, using Facebook Messenger ads provides broader coverage than most traditional forms of advertisement. 

Messaging apps vs. social networks [Source: Buffer]

Moreover, Facebook Messenger provides businesses with a platform to focus on a personalized marketing approach. This method of customer engagement is more effective than email marketing due to the availability of instant replies. And the presence of automated responses helps to keep customers engaged.

Furthermore, Messenger ads are more secure because every company has to register as a business to gain access to the ad feature on Facebook. This safety net means that customers are more likely to click on your ad in the Messenger app.

Offer value with content

Users will only click on your Facebook Messenger ad if they believe the service can offer them massive value. So, you need to capitalize on people’s curiosity to expand your network. But you need to adopt a subtle approach when marketing the content.

How can this be done?

You can create a sponsored ad that advertises your website’s content and include the link in the messenger ad. Moreover, adding interactive questions will convince the user to stay on and find out what the ad is all about. And most importantly, don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of every message.

Get personal with the content

The Facebook Messenger guide helps businesses create different sponsored ad categories. Some companies prefer using generic content for their ads. However, potential customers are more likely to click on an advertisement if it addresses them directly. 

Source: Pexels

Today, the most effective method of creating ads is by starting a natural conversation chain. Instead of marketing a product off the bat, find out more about users’ interests and tailor the conversation. 

Moreover, most users have to deal with multiple ads whenever they open the Messenger app. So, you can only create a lasting impression if you address them personally.

Let’s look at great conversation starters for a business trying to market a new brand of club soda:

  • Hi there! Thanks for checking our product. Use this coupon [XYZ] for your first-time discount.
  • Hey! Would you like to hear about our new low-fat club soda?

Moreover, another effective way to keep the customer engaged is by using suggested replies. These prompts are bot-generated and similar to calls-to-action. Suggested replies inadvertently help the customer to make up their mind and check out the product. You can add multiple responses for a more personal touch.

Target a local audience

The Facebook Messenger bot helps users adjust the parameters according to specific preferences. If your brand is global, you can market globally. But people with new products need to target a local audience first.

And why is that?

The regular consumer is more likely to buy a product from a business nearby. To this effect, the Facebook bot now allows companies to advertise to potential consumers within their locale. The ‘Local Awareness’ feature detects your business’ location and focuses on potential customers within that region. As a result, you save more on brand awareness and increase conversions.

Improve the response time

The success of your Facebook Messenger ad campaign depends on the quality of customer service. Always bear in mind that users won’t hang around for a response from you. Therefore, create automated messages to keep the customer occupied. 

Eventually, you need to redirect leads to the main product page before they go cold. A dedicated customer support team should be on standby to continue the communication. And most importantly, the faster your response rate, the higher your conversions.

Furthermore, some companies have used fast-paced customer service to boost their network and popularity. They focused their Messenger ads campaigns on personalized messages and quick responses to cold leads.

Keeping a chain of communication alive increases the retention rate. Don’t limit your interactions to product promotion. Follow up conversations and provide updates on new products and events. If a user signs up for an event or product launch, send them a reminder regularly. And most importantly, ask for feedback from new and old customers.

Use data to increase competitive advantage

Advertising your product through messages on Facebook is a relatively new idea. This is why you need to gather as much data as possible. Facebook Messenger ads allow you to monitor every important metric based on the objectives you set.

Ad campaign objectives. [Source: Facebook]

Here are the marketing objectives that can be monitored using the Facebook Messenger Ads feature:

  1. Conversion
  2. Store visits
  3. Product sales
  4. App installation
  5. Site traffic
  6. Customer engagement
  7. Media content views
  8. Lead generation
  9. Reach
  10. Brand awareness

By analyzing these metrics carefully, your business can acquire useful information for expansion. For example, your business ‘Reach’ helps to streamline the advertisement to a specific demographic. Similarly, other metrics on your site help to make changes for a more targeted and consumer-oriented marketing campaign.

In essence, Facebook Messenger ads provide a more direct marketing strategy that focuses on personalized messages to customers. This one-on-one approach improves conversion rates and customer engagement. Companies and brands can also increase lead generation by focusing on customer support. Moreover, Facebook allows businesses to monitor their ad metrics in order to discover possible areas of improvement. Ultimately, running ads on Facebook Messenger is essential for the growth and expansion of any business, including yours.