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Upload Your Account Structure to adCenter Quickly and Easily

Creating a smart account structure helps keep your keywords organized, saves you time, and helps improve your quality scores with Google. If Google AdWords can see that your keywords are in highly targeted ad groups with well-written and highly targeted ad texts, you’ll likely get a great quality score, which helps you rank higher in Google but pay less.

Once you have developed this well-organized and optimized account structure, why do the work all over again for adCenter? It only makes sense to take all that hard work you put into Google and translate it into a well-organized and optimized adCenter PPC account too. Doing this not only saves you time but also will keep all your campaigns and keywords organized throughout the search engines for maximum organization.

Below are the best ways to upload your Google campaigns into adCenter with ease.

For adCenter:

  1. Download adCenter’s template (in .csv format). You can acquire the template within the “Campaigns” section of your account. Just click on Import Campaigns and the template is available to download.
  2. Enter your data into the spreadsheet (keywords, bids, ad texts, etc.).
  3. Within the Import Campaigns tab, you can upload the .csv/Excel document into your account.

And it’s just that easy! Well, almost. Actually, when you don’t have any errors within your upload, this tool works very well. Here is a laundry list of things to watch for when you’re using this feature:

  • Make sure to use adCenter’s template and that your columns are in proper order. If you have any columns out of place, or if you’ve deleted any columns, your upload won’t work.
  • Be sure to have every column populated (with one exception: the “keyword destination URL” column doesn’t need to be filled in).
  • Don’t add negative keywords through the Import feature. Just add your negative keywords within the AdCenter interface.
  • Use Internet Explorer to upload your .csv/Excel files, not FireFox (or any other Web browser).
  • The new campaigns you import will be set geographically to “Entire Network.” Unless you want to target every country in the AdCenter network (and there are a lot of them), you’ll want to edit this option to target the countries that are appropriate for your campaign.

All in all, AdCenter’s import feature works well once you know the little things that can trip you up. These tips should help you upload information faster and with fewer headaches.

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