At Hanapin, we live, breathe, and love PPC. It’s what we do for clients and what we’re passionate about. We’ve been producing PPC Hero since 2007 and Hero Conf, a conference series dedicated to our fellow PPC enthusiasts, since 2012. And now, we’re excited to introduce our newest initiative – Hero Academy.

Hero Academy is a video series that offers short and basic how-tos for those marketers that are just starting out in paid advertising (OR need help expanding to a new platform).

You see, we realized something. We produce A LOT of content through our blog, through webinars, whitepapers, guides, etc. BUT, much of what we produce is for marketers that are already pretty experienced with paid media campaigns. A lot of the content that is produced throughout the PPC community tends to be a bit higher level and there’s not a ton of resources available for those that are just dipping their toes in paid advertising. Or as I also mentioned before – those that want to expand to newer platforms like Quora and Amazon.

So that’s what Hero Academy will provide. Resources, in the form of short 10 -15 minute videos, that teach digital marketers how to do things in paid advertising, like get ads started on Google/Microsoft/Facebook/Quora or create a pivot table in Excel or use scripts for a Google Ads campaign,etc. We even have explainers on what PPC and CRO means.

Here are the current videos offered in the Academy:

  • What is PPC?
  • What is CRO?
  • Getting Started with Your First Google Ads Campaign
  • Microsoft Advertising: Getting Started with Your First Campaign
  • How to Use Paid Ads for Insights You Can Use in Other Marketing Channels by Hubspot
  • Setting Up Your First Quora Ad Campaign by Quora for Business
  • How to Set Up a Facebook Remarketing Audience
  • How to Set Up a Facebook Business Ad Account
  • Getting Started with Amazon Programmatic Advertising
  • How to Create a Facebook Ads Overview Dashboard in Google Data Studio by Supermetrics
  • How to Get Started with Google Ads Scripts by Optmyzr
  • How to Create a Pivot table in Excel

These are just the beginning. We already have videos in the works on Linkedin, Amazon, YouTube and Facebook that will be released in the coming weeks. We will continue to add new videos monthly. AND we’ll be adding videos showing you how to implement new features and updates from various platforms (to our seasoned PPCers, we hope you’ll enjoy those!).

Whether you’re a Marketing Manager that now runs your brands’ paid ads or you just started at a digital marketing agency and could use some training on different platforms, you’ll find something valuable and heroic for you in these videos. And huge thank to our partners on the Academy: Hubspot, Quora, Supermetrics, and Optymzr!

Hero Academy is FREE to all marketers. Once you sign-up, you’ll have access to all videos currently in the Academy and all the new ones added thereafter.

So don’t delay, sign-up now and start training to become a digital marketing hero today.



*And of course, we would love to hear your feedback about the Academy. Let us know via @ppchero on Twitter!