Have you been wondering how the pandemic is impacting paid media and how your investments compare to what others are doing?

We’re tracking COVID-19’s impact on the paid media industry with our Paid Media Pulse dashboard, a report which shares survey data from marketers across the globe every month.

Typically at this time of year, we send around the State of PPC Survey to gather trends that have been influential to the industry and benchmarks to help guide your marketing plan over the next year.

However, with the rise of COVID-19, we are taking a slightly different approach. Instead of a year-long look at the paid media industry, you’ll get monthly updates that give you insights on where paid media dollars are being invested and what predictions look like for the next month.  

Here are some quick stats from the dashboard:

  • 63% of client brands are spending less in April than originally forecasted for
  • 13% of agency marketers plan to pitch TikTok ads to their client in May
  • 100% advertised in Google in April

At the beginning of each month for the next couple months, we’ll be surveying the industry and updating the dashboard to give you a pulse on what’s happening with the state of paid media. If you are interested in participating in future surveys, keep a close watch on PPC Hero and Brainlabs emails. We’ll be sharing the survey in both channels and would love your input.