Jeremy Mayes is a well known blogger in the PPC industry. Today he shares with us his thoughts and opinions on hot topics in the PPC world.

Q: Do you foresee any advancements occurring in the next year that will change the way people manage their PPC accounts?

A: Yes, over the next 12 months I believe Google will add features that support rule based management of campaigns within AdWords. It’s needed – and Google knows that the more effective advertisers can be with their campaigns the more they will use them.

Q: You write about Google Pay-Per-Action campaign and how you’ve received more invalid leads. Did you end up turning off your PPA campaign or lower the amount you’re willing to spend per lead? What do you think Google can do to improve PPA campaigns?

A: I still have a number of PPA campaigns running. While Google can (and no doubt will) continue to refine their PPA platform I feel the advertiser can take a number of steps (especially with their landing pages) to improve the effectiveness of the program. You can read more about Jeremy’s thoughts on this subject here.

Q: How important are landing pages in managing your PPC account? How often do you make changes to your landing pages? Do you think that even with a poor landing page you can manage an effective PPC campaign?

A: I think the landing page is critical to the success of a campaign. By simply swapping landing pages I’ve seen huge and immediate swings in conversion rates and overall campaign profitability. Losing campaigns can become winners and winners can become losers, instantly. The landing page is the one area of an AdWords campaign where you can really separate yourself from the competition.

Q: Besides the big 3 (Google, Yahoo and MSN), are there any other search engines out there right now that are giving you effective results in your PPC campaigns?

A: Not worth mentioning.