“Proverbs contradict each other. That is the wisdom of a people” — Stanislaw Lec

Among the proverbs that contradict each other, are two copywriting adages:

1)  Join the conversation that is already going on in the mind of the customer


2)  Give them a thought that’s more interesting than the one that was already occupying their minds

But, oddly enough, it’s possible to follow BOTH adages in the same Facebook ad.  Case in point:

On the one hand, this ad joins the over-arching conversation we’re all having around the Election.

And on the other hand, the ad is offering us a blessed and much needed break from the glut of political advertising we are all suffering through.

In other words, you see the ad and you smile, because it plays the same part as the wise-cracking bon-vivant of a cocktail party who keeps the conversation interesting whenever it really starts to drag.

Can you think of any better way to grab attention and garner “Likes” and permission to “talk” in the future. Neither can I.

So which of those two adages are your ads following?  And is there a way to redesign your ad so that it manages to follow both?