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Before we were ClickEquations, we were Commerce360, a full service search marketing agency. Like you, we managed enterprise clients with large brands, like Comcast. We looked at the market to try to find a tool to manage our own clients, but everything we found was sub-par. The tools were built around what was convenient for the search engines, not what real practitioners need.

Haven’t you been frustrated by how long it takes to manage campaigns and how hard it is to get the data you need? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we decided to build ClickEquations – the only tool on the market built for practitioners managing enterprise-sized paid search accounts. Our goal is to completely change the way paid search is measured and managed with one purpose: to make you more money.

We have strong beliefs about how paid search should be managed:

Great Data Is Crucial – If you have the wrong data, you’ll make the wrong decisions. Garbage in, garbage out. That’s why our automated analytics gather search queries (the words a searcher actually types) for every search engine, Impression Share, Quality Score, and minimum first page bid. We even created our own proprietary metrics, ClickShare and ClickVariance. We’re also the only tool on the market that supports all 4 types of revenue attribution (first click, last click, linear and weighted) and calculates all 4 simultaneously.

Managing Paid Search Doesn’t Need to Be Tedious – You know all of those screens you have to jump through to make a campaign change? That’s what we call “workflow”. Frankly, it’s broken today. There are too many steps between what you need to do and complete the tasks. The campaign editing features in ClickEquations cut out and automates many of those steps. We let the computers handle the busy work so you can focus on strategy and optimization.

You Need Control and Visibility – Two things are clear: paid search is becoming more competitive as budgets move online and the search engines are trying to monetize more (just as anyone who uses broad match). Outwitting the competition means you have to move faster and smarter. We built flexible bid management that gives you suggestions or automates bid changes at the keyword or ad group level, so you have precise control over how you spend your money. Our pre-built guidance templates help you quickly find areas of opportunity or loss, so you can optimize faster.

In short: ClickEquations is a complete paid search platform designed specifically to help large advertisers and agencies manage campaigns more profitably in less time. You can control all of your campaigns, accounts and clients quickly and easily with our full suite of paid search tools in one application.

ClickEquations Analyst, a unique Excel plug-in, gives you unlimited customization of sharable reports and dashboards and unprecedented analytics power. It’s included free for every ClickEquations client. You’ll never deal with “reporting Mondays” again.

We have transparent, no hassle pricing with no setup fee and free support. Learn more about ClickEquations, read our paid search blog and follow us on Twitter.