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Pay per click advertising doesn’t have to be time-consuming, frustrating, or expensive. ClickSweeper is PPC management software that offers the busy professional control and automation in a powerful package. Our cost-effective PPC management software optimizes your ads by cutting click costs, improving ad performance, and saving you valuable time. Its highly customizable bidding options allow you the flexibility to define complex bidding objectives to fit your campaign. ClickSweeper then handles all daily maintenance tasks. Its clear, detailed reports and customized alerts mean that you will always know when–and how–to improve your pay per click ad campaigns. You take action only when you need to; ClickSweeper takes care of the rest.

Going into pay per click advertising without a well-defined strategy can be a pricy mistake to make. ClickSweeper offers four different bidding strategies to choose from: rank-driven, budget-driven, conversion-driven, and keyword ROI driven. Whether your goal is to get as many clicks within a small budget as possible (budget-driven) or to spend smarter on the keywords that convert well (conversion-driven), ClickSweeper can help you make your pay per click marketing a success. After you’ve decided on the right strategy and budget for your business, ClickSweeper updates your keyword bids daily to meet those objectives. Our performance micromanager sends you customized alerts whenever something needs your attention. It can alert you to changes in click through rate, ad spending, conversion rate, return on ad spending, and more.

Writing and evaluating ads – a subject filled with uncertainty and myths – also becomes much easier with ClickSweeper. Our ad editor lists the top most clicked keywords of each adgroup to help you target the right keywords you write or edit an ad. An automated ad copy review system continuously tests your ads against each other and suspends the least successful in each adgroup. Unlike Google’s ad testing feature, which bases its judgment on click-through rate and can actually drive up your costs, ours is based squarely on profitability to you. ClickSweeper uses cold, hard numbers to evaluate your performance and drive up your cold, hard numbers.

ClickSweeper is PPC software that makes paid search advertising the way it should be: fast, easy, and profitable.