Google AdWords has a new feature in the tools section for ad text ideas, under ‘Ad Text Ideas (beta)’. This is currently in beta so not everyone may have this feature yet. The idea is for you to describe your product or service in as much detail as possible, and AdWords will give you suggestions for your ad text. People who are new to Google Adwords may find this useful when beginning to write their ad text, and it can give existing users new ideas for ad text testing.

In the first screen shot it shows you the steps you’ll need to take in order to get ideas for your ad text.

  1. Identify your business type
  2. Choose words and phrases for your ad
  3. Get ad ideas! Keep them or just use them for inspiration!

get ideas now
Once you click ‘Get Ideas Now’, you are asked to describe your product or service in a few words. They’re really not asking for much here. Their examples are ‘Chinese restaurant’ or ‘tennis equipment and clothing’.

describe biz

You’re then asked what type of template they should use to write the ad. Examples are: retail stores, general product, health products, etc.


The next box asks you a series of different questions:

  • What is the name of your Company?
  • Where is your business centered? You can either check the box for locally, nationally, internationally, online or fill in the location yourself.

The next series of questions are more targeted to the information you’ve already given.

  • Since I entered ‘medical supplies’ in the first two questions, they ask: What types of health products does your company carry?
  • Does you company specialize in a specific product or products?
  • How would you describe your products?
  • Does your company offer any online services?
  • And the last, Please select (or create) some appropriate messages to engage your customer.


At this point Google delivers (in my case) eight different variations of ad texts from the information I filled out.

step 1

If you decide you like one of the ad texts, you have the option to check a box that says, ‘choose’. You’re then asked to enter your display and destination URLs, and then select which ad group you wish to have the ad text displayed.


I think this is a unique idea from Google especially for people who have a hard time coming up with new, creative ad texts. I did notice however, that the ad text that was created in my examples was rather general, and not very keyword focused. One would think that if Google were to give you an ad text writing tool, whatever they come up with will help improve your quality score in addition by at the very least making it keyword focused; But don’t get your hopes up. What is good about the product though is that it can give you great ideas and perhaps inspire more creative ad text writing.