Let Us Help You Make the Case for Hero Conf Philly!

By Nate Hollander | @HeroConf | Director of Events at Hanapin Marketing

Can you believe it PPC Heroes? Hero Conf Philadelphia is one short month away, April 25-27 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. That means there is still time to claim your seat at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event (but doesn’t mean those seats will last much longer).

Whether you’re an account manager looking for even more reasons to make the trip (and would love a form letter to provide your boss) or you’re a department head in search of a few more pros to justify your time away, we’ve got your answer.

We take pride in the fact that Hero Conf is more than just incredible, all-PPC sessions, it’s also a unique opportunity to meet folks in a small but robust community. It’s a time to talk directly to experts, because they’re attending just like you, and ready to answer all your paid search questions.

Even more reasons to make the trek. Hero Conf is:

  • hosted in Philadelphia, an accessible and affordable location
  • all-PPC, all the time, with no clutter or filler sessions
  • your opportunity to meet the experts, with 50+ joining our event
  • focused and expert-level, with unique and important networking opportunities
  • the best of both worlds, with strategy and “in the trenches” information
  • fun, friendly and just plain different

Head over to the website to find out even more reasons why you can’t miss Hero Conf Philadelphia, download a form letter to convince your boss, or explore our sessions.

Whatever you do, act now, because time and seats are running short.


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