Google has officially announced the introduction of AdWords Express this week, much to the delight of local advertisers who have been waiting since October to get their hands on it! So what is this AdWords Express? Here’s a video Google published to help new users understand the service:

Basically this is a simpler, easier-to-start version of AdWords for local business owners who are interested in very targeted online advertising, with little maintenance necessary after start-up. AdWords Express allows a local business owner to provide some basic business information, create an ad and get a campaign up and running in just a few short steps.

The benefits? This could help those business owners who are slightly fearful of the online marketing world find the courage to dive on in to the shallow end with this Google-managed and locally targeted version of AdWords. The drawbacks? Google says they will determine which queries and searches should trigger your ads, which definitely limits the control the user has on their account and how it spends and that could turn people away before they see the true benefits of online advertising.

What do you think? Will AdWords Express serve as a gateway for users into the full world of AdWords or scare them away due to lack of control? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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