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Moderator:  Hi, everybody. We’ll go and get started then. Today, we are going to have the illustrious Matt Van Wagner. Matt is the president and founder of Find Me Faster which is a paid search marketing agency out of. . . Is it Nashua?

Matt:  We call it Nashua. Some people call it Nausea but. . .

Moderator: Well, he’s all the way from New Hampshire today. Matt has spoken at over 60 search marketing conferences. He’s going to be a guest lecturer at undergraduate and graduate university classes, as well as the author of several online courses and the technical advisor for four books.

Matt:  Yes.

Moderator:  At least four.

Matt:  At least four. It’s a lot easier writing them.

Moderator:  We are very pleased to have him today at Eurocom. A warm welcome for Matt and we’ll get going…

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