MBO Internet Marketing Conference - Extended Early Bird Registration

If you are planning on attending the Masters of Business Online internet marketing conference in Indianapolis, but haven’t bought your tickets yet – now’s the time!  Early bird registration has been extended until this Friday, September 26th.

By attending this conference, you will be able to:

Generate more (and better!) leads

  • Help targeted prospects find you by making your web site “search-engine friendly”
  • Establish more effective email campaigns and touch points. Check and improve your
    link popularity.
  • Test the growing number of Web 2.0 tools to find one that works for you.

Move prospects through the buying cycle

  • Develop relevant value propositions. Engage customers with logical relationship management techniques.
  • Establish “offers” that make sense and fit your business model.
  • Build robust follow-up efforts to close the sales loops

Define relevant analytics

  • Go beyond basic clicks and hits.
  • Evaluate multi-touch best practices, and establish
    test metrics and systems.

Create a bridge to your business brand and goals

  • Determine when products require different sales approaches or types of interaction.
  • Align your web activities with business strategy.
  • Build a 360° view.
  • Break down silos between marketing, sales, and IT.

Visit the MBO website to register for the event today.

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