I spoke with an MSN representative today and got the scoop on some upcoming features they plan to add in the next few months.

  • ‘Today’, ‘Last 7 Days’, and custom date ranges will be added to the drop down in the campaigns tab. This way you won’t have to run a report for a custom date range. You’ll be able to do this right off the main page. (Like you can in Google & Yahoo!)
  • A ‘campaign total’ line for all campaigns will be added in the campaigns tab. Again, you no longer have to run a custom report to get this information.
  • An ‘ad group total’ line for all ad groups in a campaign will be added.
  • The ability to pause an ad text rather than deleting it from an ad group when testing. The MSN rep. did say that in the mean time you could always just export your campaign and save your ad text that way. But who wants to do that? Plus you lose your history of the ad text incase you want to turn it back on.The ability to turn on and off the content network at campaign level and account level. Currently you can only do this at the ad group level. So if you have 50 ad groups in one campaign, this tends to be a little tedious.
  • She said they do take feedback and suggestions from advertisers seriously. It helps them decide which features are most important to the advertisers and how soon they should put them into action.

So start sending feedback!