MSN adCenter Desktop Is Now Ready For Public Testing

Today, MSN adCenter announced that their adCenter Desktop (Beta) is now ready for public testing. Basically, this is MSN’s version of AdWords Editor. This announcement makes me very happy. Admittedly, MSN never generates the level of results as Google or Yahoo, but I’ll take every tool they give me in order to my campaigns more successful.

Currently, this Beta is by initiation only, so if you want on board you’ll need to contact your Customer Representative. And if you don’t have a dedicated rep, just call the general customer support line and ask to be signed up for the adCenter Desktop Beta (here is the number (800) 518-5689).

Now, here are the details on the new adCenter Desktop:

  • Quickly navigate through multiple accounts.
  • Bulk edit multiple items at once-within or across groups of items.
  • Scan campaigns for editorial issues before uploading to adCenter.
  • Receive alerts about performance changes.
  • Copy and paste keywords, negative keywords, match types, and bid amounts from adCenter Add-in (Beta) for Excel 2007.
  • Expand keywords and optimize bids with built-in keyword intelligence tools.
  • Upload changes to the adCenter user interface instantly, with one click.

I already have mine download and I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve used it for a while. Word of caution, registering for the software is a BIG hassle. Enjoy!

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