Occasionally we here at PPC Hero will get questions from readers regarding all sorts of subjects. We recently received a question about how to get a dedicated Google or Yahoo! representative to help assist in the management of your PPC campaigns.  In the question she asks:

Often, you refer to contacting your Google or Yahoo rep about a problem. How do you get a rep? I have not seen a way to find that kind of assistance.

After speaking with my Google rep, she mentioned that getting a dedicated rep is mainly based off of Google’s resources and availability. Essentially if you’re advertising in Google Adwords you can submit a request via their contact form and Google will put you on a list. If the appropriate ‘resources and availability’ come forth then Google will email/call you if you have received a dedicated rep.

Another way to get a dedicated Google rep, is to qualify for what Google calls ‘Premium Service.’  To qualify for the premium service you must spend a minimum of $30,000 over three months, with at least $10,000 each month.

For agencies, you must spend a minimum of $10,000 per client per month with a minimum of one month. Contact Google to find out if you qualify for their premium service.

Google also has what they call a jumpstart program where Google will set up new advertiser’s PPC campaigns and get 90 days of a dedicated Google rep as long as they’re spending $6,000 each month.

Gaining access to a dedicated account rep at Yahoo! is determined on a case-by-case basis. Some of the determining factors include: spend, size of account, etc. If you’d like to request a dedicated Yahoo rep. you can email or call the customer service line and request one be assigned to you. Like that of Google, it is up to the Yahoo! upper management and other factors on whether or not you get one.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for Google or can’t get a dedicated rep. from for Yahoo!, you can use the help section or customer support in both search engines to get answers to your questions.  Not as nice, but you can still get help from the customer support line on any questions you have regarding your account. Google’s main line is 1-866-246-6453. Good Luck!