New Ad Creation Features from Yahoo!

Today we noticed that the ‘Create New Ad’ section of Yahoo has a different look and added content!

  1. In the title and description fields they’ve entered some example text that advertisers should follow.
  2. They’ve also added ‘Ad Writing Best Practices’ off to the right of the screen. They mention six tips on how to write good ad text.
  3. Another is a ‘Preview Live Ads’ feature. When you click on one of your keywords at the bottom of the page, it will pop up a box that shows you what other ads are being shown in relation to your keywords.

This is really great for advertisers who struggle with writing ad text or just need general ad text advice. It’s also great to be able to quickly view your competitors’ ads so you can make your own ad stand out. I think it’s a step in the right direction for Yahoo!


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