On Demand Webinar - New Bing Features You Need in 2017 for Optimal Performance

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With each year comes massive new updates to rock your PPC strategy, and Bing is gearing up for 2017 with a ton of new features you can look forward to. But we’re not just looking to the near future – we’re looking to 2017 and beyond, with futuristic improvements to technology that you’ll be able to use in your strategy.

In this webinar recording, Bing’s Purna Virji and Hanapin’s Diane Anselmo will give you a sneak peek into the brand new updates Bing has planned, and the best ways to use them for ultimate PPC success.

You’ll get expert PPC tips like:

  • What Bing is doing that is radically different from Google (and will make you stand out)
  • How to utilize Bing’s expanded new features
  • How you can use PPC for voice search

Presented By

Diane Anselmo

Diane Anselmo

Associate Director of Services, Hanapin Marketing


Purna Virji

Purna Virji

Senior Manager, PPC Training at Microsoft


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