If you’re a fan of creating placement performance campaigns you may want to take advantage of Google’s new placement feature that now allows you to add and edit placements at the ad group level for each campaign.

Instead of creating two separate campaigns, one for keywords and another for placements, you can now add both to any campaign and edit the placements at the ad group level. See screen shots below:

first half updated

second half

The good thing about this feature is that if you are running placement performance campaigns this will make them easier to manage by being able to edit the actual placements and bids for each placement at the ad group level. The bad part about it is, if you’ve already set up placement performance campaigns and they’re doing well, you may see a hit from your quality score if you move them.

Initially when I looked at my ad group with the new feature, it was kind of confusing and hard to read. But with time I’m sure we’ll all get used to the new interface. Google mentions, placements are still optional, and occur on the content network only. But the new options give you better control of ad placement and pricing on the content network.