New Reporting for Dynamic Sitelinks Coming to AdWords

By Jacob Brown | @jakebrownppc | Sr. Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing |

In late July, Google announced the launch of “Dynamic Sitelinks”. This announcement means that ads are eligible to have automated sitelinks on them where Google sees fit. Previously, only those with access to the “labs tab” were able to find data when automated sitelinks were available. This information was found under “annotations” in the labs tab. This labs tab was brought out in late April, but not all accounts have access, still, to this feature.

Google has since stated that in the coming weeks reporting will be able to be seen through the Ad Extensions tab.

Ad Extensions Tab

The drop down on this tab as seen outlined in blue in the image above will include “automated extensions” within the coming weeks. This is where users will see the performance of their ads when the extension is clicked, along with when the extension is showing and the ad is clicked. Just as advertisers view statistics for other ad extensions.

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