We’ve heard a lot about Machine Learning these past few years. Lots of theories, predictions, speculations, and opinions. There’s a ton of articles you can read that tell you how to improve your advertising with machine learning, what the future looks like with it, and the trends.

But has anyone asked YOU how it’s impacting your advertising?

We’ve partnered up with Fred Vallaeys of Optmyzer, Inc. and Brad Geddes of AdAlysis on a new, 60 second, 1 page survey. It will ask you questions like:

  • What do you use machine learning for?
  • What automated features are you already using?
  • Has it made the advertising experience for consumers better or worse?
  • What kind of transparency and control do you feel you have with it?
  • Does it speed up your tactical or strategy work?
  • What tools are you currently using?

Machine Learning can be a powerful ally or evil villain to your paid advertising. We want a better understanding of its impact on the industry and how it’s effecting you.

The results from this Survey will be shared in the State of PPC, Hanapin’s annual report that will be released in the Fall, as well as in additional reports released throughout the year. All feedback shared is anonymous and used only for the development of the reports.

Take the 1 minute survey