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Welcome to PPC Hero, the authority on pay-per-click strategy, industry news and great ppc-insider tips. Here you’ll find our most popular posts, PPC management handbooks, and our collection of blog series. Whether you’re new to PPC advertising or just new to PPC Hero, here are the things you need to know to get the most out of your visit.

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PPC Hero’s mission is to educate the world on the finer skills and basic techniques of successful pay per click management. Written by the fabulous team of PPC managers from Hanapin Marketing, it is our hope that amidst this array of information, rookies and veterans alike will find a useful (and fun!) resource to help navigate the world of PPC.

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We write about anything and everything related to pay per click, from our opinion on the latest PPC new to in-depth account case studies. Our blog is updated daily, so you’ll always find something fresh to read when you visit. We also have great resources where you can find more in-depth PPC information.

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PPC Hero writes a monthly blog series the second week of each month for those PPC topics that need just a little more dedication than a single post. You can find all of our series via the Blog Series Tab at the top.

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We have put together a collection of PPC Hero Guides to help you better understand the larger aspects of pay per click management along with several tips for success. Our Ultimate Guide to Quality Score is consistently our top


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