If you’re using call metrics in your Google AdWords campaigns, you should be aware that Google will begin charging you $1 when someone manually dials the number displayed with your ad. There is no charge, however, on clicks from users on mobile devices, so basically this means you’ll only incur the extra cost when someone sees your ad in a traditional Web browser and decides to call in manually.

This extra cost isn’t necessarily a negative against using call metrics in your campaigns, and there are many benefits of adding phone numbers to your ads that outweigh the potential extra $1 cost per click. Adding a phone number to your ads has been shown to increase your ad’s click-through rate by 5-30% . It’s a quick and easy way to give your business credibility online. Also, with the number of mobile searches on the rise, you’ll be want to be sure to give mobile searchers an easy way to click and call. Since these incur no additional cost, they could easily offset the cost of other calls.

But the main reason that the extra $1 charge isn’t such a large set back is that the number of calls to your forwarding number will be factored into your ad’s rank, potentially boosting your ad’s position and lowering your cost per click. With this change, of course, will also come additional reporting metrics on call statistics, including call duration, area code, etc.

So, how can you maximize the ROI on calls generated from your online ads? Just as landing pages are important to capture people who have clicked on your ads, you’ll want to make sure you give the same thought to the conversations you provide with people who are calling in. You’ll want to be best prepared to handle calls appropriately to see those calls convert, so everyone handling the calls should be well versed in what ads and/or promotions you’re currently running in AdWords.

The word from Google is that these changes to call metrics, including the added reporting functionalities, will roll out in mid-May. What do you think about the potential of call metrics to enhance your online advertising efforts? Do you see the extra charge being worth it to be able to have a conversation with your potential customers? Let us know in the comments below!

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