Currently only in limited beta release, Google Analytics has added a new feature, Multi-Channel Funnels, to aid advertisers in their marketing efforts.

As reported by Google, the main function of Multi-Channel Funnels is to be able to see all the “players” who “assisted” in a tracked and completed conversion. Typically speaking, the last ad clicked gets all the credit for triggering a conversion. The truth of the matter is this: there may have been many stops along the way that contributed, possibly even more than the last click, to that conversion and that data is just as important in optimizing your marketing strategy.

The reports that populate in Analytics are generated from the path the user took, as well as the order of that path, to complete the conversion, in the last 30 days. These reports can tell the marketer which channels contributed, how often they contributed, how long it took between the initial channel click and conversion and the channel path that is followed most frequently to conversion.

Multi-Channel Funnels can pull data from numerous channels, including but not limited to:

  • Paid and organic search
  • Referral sites
  • Affiliates
  • Social networks
  • Email newsletters
  • Display ads
  • Any custom created campaigns

The possibilities of using this new feature are endless. As a marketer, this data could allow you to see specifically how your social media outlets are contributing to your overall account progress or which channels aren’t producing enough output for the input.

What are your thoughts? How will you use Multi-Channel Funnels to aid your marketing strategy? Have you started using them already? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below!

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