Today’s news update is in reference to an article written by Andy Atkins-Krüger called, “Yandex: Not Copying But Searching For Google’s Underbelly.” In his article, Andy discusses a recent conversation he had with Ilya Segalovich, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Yandex. The main purpose of Andy’s post is to uncover the similarities and differences between Yandex and Google as search engines and where Yandex may be headed in the future.

Ok. So maybe the future of search engines and how we use them is more serious than a cat with proprietary rights issues. However, nothing calms the nerves like a little giggle, and, to be honest, Google should probably be more than a little nervous.

Throughout Atkins-Krüger’s narrative, you can see information presented which seems to uncover the fact that Yandex was not only a search engine first, but that they are making easy work of out-performing Google in many facets of search engine usability. Further, it looks as if Yandex is possibly expanding to international reach, although Segalovich will not 100% confirm that future for the company.

So, what does this mean for search engine marketing and optimization? To put it mildly…it could mean a lot. Yandex prides itself on its local search capabilities, which you’ll learn about in the article, so introducing this new engine to the mix could allow for further and more relevant reach for PPC/SEO clients and could trigger Google to make some big changes on their own front to stay competitive. And that’s just the first thing I thought of…

What do you think? Will Yandex grow into international markets and become a search engine titan around the world? If it does, what do you think that might mean for the futures of PPC marketing and SEO tactics? Leave your comments and thoughts below!

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