Previously in AdWords you could set bid strategies that focused on conversions at the campaign level, as seen below:

Conversion Bidding

Now, AdWords allows you to focus your bidding strategies on certain types of conversions that are more valuable to your company.

Conversion Optimization Report

What Does This Mean For You?

Let’s say for example your site is tracking sales and free catalog sign-ups. If you were using conversion optimization bidding, then the bids would change no matter which type of conversion the user performed. Now, if you want to break down your bidding to only change based on the sales conversion you will be able to do so.

In order to utilize this strategy you must set up your conversions for optimization. When setting up conversion tracking, if you enable this setting you will have a “conversion (opt.)” column for your AdWords statistics, and when you set up conversion optimization bidding strategies, they will use just these type of conversions when optimizing your bids.

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