So maybe you’ve heard some talk about Hero Conf London. You’ve head about the focus on PPC or the 10 unique networking opportunities. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s an event that puts content first, with the goal to bring exciting new product and service announcements from the biggest players in the game.

Well, all that’s true, and so much more. Here’s just a sampling of what past attendees have said about Hero Conf:

“I had high expectations… but Hero Conf blew every expectation away. All the speakers, they brought their A-game. I learned so much in every session.”

Purna Virji
Senior Manager of PPC Training for Microsoft

“Hero Conf was the first Digital Marketing conference I attended, which means the conference bar was set high from the beginning! As an independent PPCer with no coworkers to bounce ideas off of, I found immense value in the networking provided by the conference, as well as the cutting-edge presentations that gave me fresh perspective and ideas for my accounts. Because of these things, I hope to attend every future Hero Conf from here on out!”

Kirk Williams
Founder of ZATO Marketing

“Hero Conf is always one of the best run conferences on the circuit. It is super personable, professional. The sessions are jam packed with really great information.”

Joe Kerschbaum
Senior Director of Client Services for 3Q Digital

But time and space is limited. And both are nearly gone. Hero Conf London is 24-26 October at etc.venues St Paul’s and only 44 seats remain. Act now to share in this one-of-a-kind conference experience.