We read many blogs on a multitude topics. However, there are certain blogs to which we pay close attention: other PPC-focused blogs! There are few blogs that frequently publish articles on in-depth PPC management strategy, and industry developments. We view these blogs as our allies in the good fight of better PPC management! We have discovered numerous insights and tips from these blogs. Therefore, we would like to award these blogs the PPC Hero Ally Badge of Honor!

Our PPC Hero Allies for 2007 are (in alphabetical order):

Apollo SEM

In just the last couple of weeks the team at Apollo SEM has written great articles on creating dynamic landing pages in 15 minutes, and 70 quick tips to generating more conversions in AdWords. Their articles always have a healthy dose of interesting, actionable items.

John W Ellis – SEM Blog

John writes detailed articles on pay-per-click management, as well cross-referencing your PPC with other marketing strategies. This year he has written articles on meshing your SEO & PPC efforts; and using PPC to test offline marketing efforts. Great stuff.

Mind Valley Labs

Testing. Testing. Testing. The crew at Mind Valley Labs writes articles enmeshed with split testing results. Their articles are great because they give you the hard facts; the performance results. We are always preaching the benefits of split testing, and Mike and Vishen consistantly demonstrate how important it is!

PPC Blog by Gordon Choi

We read Gordon’s blog frequently because he writes very thoughtful articles on PPC management. Gordon covers almost every aspect of the PPC realm so it’s exciting to check his blog because you never know what he’s going to be writing about.

Red Fly Marketing

Dave Davis of Red Fly frequently posts great articles that you need to read. Dave touches in a wide variety of SEM topics (SEO, PPC, social media, analytics) and his PPC articles are some of the best around.

The Rimm-Kaufman Group Blog

I can’t lie: these guys are smart. Alan’s articles on PPC management often leave us dazzled and puzzled because he approaches PPC management from such an interesting point-of-view. Read, and take notes!

SEM Geek

We like Greg Meyer’s SEM Geek because it’s a bit more light-hearted in feel (especially his choice of images), but his content is as serious as any PPC blog you’ll find. Greg’s articles are always interesting to read, and we’ve learned a thing or two from him.

And here is your PPC Hero Ally Badge of Honor!