The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from August. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips. Enjoy!

Bethany starts the month off with her Top 5 AdWords Filters for PPC Managers.  Get the download on those keywords that are spending your budget and not giving you any love back; keywords that are way too expensive for your client’s taste; keywords that impress but no one clicks them; and the low average position keywords with mucho potential.  Bethany also helps you find keywords that have a low CPL and are a PPC Manager’s dream!  Learn how to save time and sanity with these quick filter tips!

Suffer from test anxiety?  A lot of PPC Managers get that sick feeling in their stomach knowing they need to study for the Google AdWords exam.  Fear not, friends!  Bethany goes through everything you need to pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam in this handy post.  Learn how to study for the exam, how to access it, as well as tips for passing.  So bite the bullet and take the test already – but visit here first to make sure you’re prepared!

Starting a new account from scratch?  There is a lot that goes into doing this – but we are here to help!  Felicia (that’s me!) provides best practices and tips for setting up a successful account structure in this post.  Read about choosing your campaigns, ad groups, how to silo your keywords/ad groups and picking the right settings for your account.  It’s definitely a must read to get back to the basics if I do say myself… and I am completely unbiased!

What’s your match type?  Bryan explores the What and Why of your favorite pay per click keyword match types in this post.  Make your match types work for you and not against you.  Learn how to use negatives – properly!  Bryan also explains Broad, Phrase and Exact’s friends Broad Modified and Embedded.  Embedded!?  Holy keyword – what is that!?  Now you have to read this one…

It wouldn’t be a greatest hits post without an appearance from Jessica C!  And here she is with a great post on Ad Writing Tips for a New Account.  Jessica, Bethany and I wrote a whole series on starting a PPC account from scratch this month and this post is the ultimate in ad writing best practices.  She outlines the importance of a great ad, the rules of the road, all the way through knowing your audience and products.  Want to win the PPC war of words? Read this post and get a winning strategy!

And that does it for August!  Make sure that you keep on keepin’ on with your comments and suggestions.  The only way to make your favorite articles show up in this post is to get your read on!!!  And it’s a nice way to expand your brain.  So, thanks, as always for reading PPC Hero!