The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable, articles from February. Whether you’re a new subscriber or a current subscriber you may have missed these insightful and helpful pay-per-click management tips. Enjoy!

  • Anytime Google or Yahoo makes an algorithmic or editorial guideline change that effects every advertiser, that is extremely important news. The most recent global AdWords update affects how advertisers utilize the display URL aspect of their advertisements. If you missed this article the first around, check it out now.
  • Google Adwords is now allowing a limited number of advertisers to partake in the new age and gender targeting beta within Adwords. Like that of MSN, age and gender targeting in AdWords allows advertisers to select a specific gender and age group for each campaign. This will help eliminate unqualified traffic from clicking on your ads. Also, you have the opportunity to bid higher on these demographic groups to be sure your ads are in front of your target age and gender more prominently.

  • Hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and month-to-month there are predictable cycles in search marketing trends. This is helpful to know in order to set proper goals, but how can you take this information and make it benefit your PPC campaign? Use Google’s ad scheduling tool to take advantage of search cycles at the hourly level!

  • We’ve recently been using Google analytics conversion funnels a lot lately, which have been giving us lots of great information about our accounts. Conversion funnels can give you a lot of valuable information that can help increase time spent on site, bounce rates, conversions and sales. In this post we go into the step-by-step process on how to set up a conversion funnel for yourself!

  • We just completed our Advanced PPC Strategies blog series! If you’re looking for information on copyright law and PPC; dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page; international PPC strategy, and a few other topics, then you should check out the series now!